Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Fyberspates Loyalty card scheme update.....

So, things are good here, sock clubs are being dyed today, with some of the new yarns for the dream sock clubbers, and the self striping sock clubs too and all sorts, and if you are in the clubs you will be getting your fyberspates loyalty scheme card, along with your packages.

Now I am good with colour, but I am not good at sort of designing things, so I left that up to Carmen, and well, I thought you might want to see what they look like, or rather I am proud of them so I wanted to show you ;-)


Ignore my bad cutting, that is my loyalty card, lol!!! They are so cute. ;-) I absolutely know I will be a sticker maniac from now on, trying to find cool stickers to send you, see I can be cutsy some times lol!!

So, obvioulsy I am off to the Natural dye studio weekend on sat and sunday, so I am well excited about that, and trying like mad to get ready for it.


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  1. Not sure if you'll see a comment left on an old post, but have you heard of MOO? You can make your own stickers with your own pictures (the stickers are a bit smaller than regular-letter-stamp-size)
    They might be a bit pricey in the long-run, but it would be a cool way of doing official Fyberspates stickers!
    (& I'm sure you could probably talk to them about bulk orders)