Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Shop update - needed I think!

The shop is a little empty, so I will have a big update this weekend probably sunday, but I will let you know in the week,  mainly because its raining, as usual, (if it stops raining it could be friday) and I have alot of wholesale to do, but, there will be Scrumptious lace, Scrumptious dk, and yep, Self striping sock all the way, and a new hat pattern for the scrumptios dk, to keep your hair dry in this lovely rainy weather!!

The pattern book I am doing in conjunction with K1 for the scrumptious is coming along nicely, just having a few garment patterns checked and knitted before the photoshoot, I am so excited about this, I really am, the booklet will be due out end of august ready in time for Allypally, where I accidently have a huge stand, well its not accidently, but it is massive, its for fyberspates and Du Store as well, so its pretty exciting.

I need a stay sane plan.
I also decided seeing as all I do is work work work and get too excited all the time, then I need to implement an hour or so into my day which is dedicated to me, not knitting, not designing, not on the computer, not dyeing, just me time. I was thinking today, that before I even think about having children I need to get to the stage where I can employ at least two people, there is no way this business could be run and developed if I wasn't single and devoted, (*added later* a man probably would be helpful too to the children thing) but you know, it can get a little imbalanced at times in favor of work. So I decided I am going to put a few little strategies into place, one, I am going on a diet, NO not a calorie restricted diet, a wheat free one for a little while, I am just over 10 stone, the last time I was 10 stone was when I got married, thats not good for me, I can't afford  to buy new clothes (not ethical ones anyway), (I have lots of nice ones in my wordrobe though), so damned if I can't fit into my old ones, I'll be dyeing naked, thats not a good look is it?

This means I have to eat lots of fruit and vegetables, stir fries, meat, tofu, all good things, and drink lots and lots of water. I am going to chant at least 1/2 an hour a day, I need it to keep me from getting completely overwhelmed, and I need to do some excercise, so I start sleeping properly. So I am going to run at least half an hour a day. I started running last week, and will resume that today, I started my wheat free diet yesterday, and my tummy feels so much better today than it has for ages, and I am just going to chant for half an hour now, so I can be the most productive business woman ever today, lol.

So after my chanting and nettle tea, rain macs on, and paint brushes raised gulp!!!!!



  1. Good luck! This seems like a very good plan. I am implementing a similar healthy person plan as I gear up to start writing up my PhD. I am expecting it to be rather a long haul so I need to take a long term approach. No way I cram this in at the last minute!

  2. No, please - no more self-striping sock yarn templation!!!!
    Seriously though, I have been on a diet for 2 weeks now. Not a weight loss diet, just a no sugar, no crisps etc no hydrogenated fats diet and I feel sooooo much better already.
    I hope your diet helps you too :)

  3. I need to join you on this 'wheat free' diet. I have known for a while that it would be much better for me, I love bread, I love it a little too much sadly :( So, thanks to your post I am prompted to take myself seriously and to improve my health and well being.
    THank you, and keep posting I will need all the encouragement I can get :)

  4. Jen you sound like your EXACTLY the same weight as me and I know its not a good weight for my height, I want to get married this year (I WILL get married this year dammit LOL I have ten years of service I deserve it LOL) PLEASSSEEEEE if you have any tips please share *begs a little more*