Saturday, 19 July 2008

Nice start to the weekend - The canteen on Clifton Street!

So, I took Carmen for dinner in the Canteen on Clifton Street, and it still is my fav restaurant in Cardiff, the food is so damned tasty. For me, the point of going out for dinner is eating food you wouldn't normally cook at home, and I always get such yummy food there its fab, and last nights dinner was no exception, plus they have some of the recipies on the website, which is even better....

I had Beetroot carpaccio with pear and walnut, lemon thyme and goat cheese dressing for starters, and well, I know I was with wonderful company, but you know you get those moments of being in heaven? I had one of those, and I haven't had one of those for ages with food, I am always on a quest for more tasty things, and this was amazing, and then came the next course:

Lasagne of butternut squash, mushrooms and herbs with courgettes in pine nut cream and spinach puree, again, warming, filling and so damed tasty, I was struggling to eat it slowly so the experience would last for ages..... and then for pudd....

Baked nectarines with ricotta, mascarpone and biscotti, they were bloody gorgeous!!

And you know what? all 3 courses come for 13.50, I mean, for gods sake, I have eaten in some of the most amazing restaurants all over the  world, which can be anything from £50 quid a head, to £150, and still I would pretty much still always choose dinner here over most of them, (unless anyone fancied taking me/and paying to the Grovesner in Chester again, that really cuts the mustard too...... lol), but anyway, if you live in Cardiff, for goodness sake go and try it, its just super duper, now I need to go back and try the other things on the menu obviously!!! (the menu changes every three weeks, which means if I roughly go once a week, then I can try eveything,yippee!!).

So I am taking Carmen home to mom and pops, and then tomorrow we are going to Art in Action, the traditional family trip into a wonderfully exciting world of art, I'll be buzzing on monday with inspiration I betchya!!!

Still got treats to update in the shop, but it keeps raining, lol!

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  1. Holy mother of god... we are SO going every week when I come back. xx