Tuesday, 22 July 2008

New yarns

So firstly, I am guessing that people wern't that enamoured with the moth, reflected in the lack of comments, lol, Elly mentioned it was like the moth from Silence of the lambs, yeah, thanks for that babes :-p

So, new yarns then, I normally stock bamboo merino sock, and merino tencel sock yarns, but for me, yarns are as much about texture, hence my obsession with scrumptious and really its opposite, the dream sock, so I got to thinking about having my other sock yarns in the same as my dream sock, and well, I got em, and they not only take the dye like a dream, but also have a smooth shine to them, and are very highly textured. They are 2ply, but the high twist gives them the strengh and so you are left with something a little different to knit with, want so see a couple of samples?.......

Ok here they are, the bamboo is on the left and the merino tencel is on the right....


Here is a closeup of the bamboo, its gorgeous (will be called bamboo dream):


And here is the tumbling shiny tencel (will be called tencel dream)


Yum yum yum!!!

Carmen and I are having a super time, I am so relaxed working with her here, and she is working on some wonderful research into Gender, and we have coffees imbetween work, and exchange ideas, we chat inbetween everything, just like we always used to at work (for hours and hours), its just so lovely to chat to someone who is so so similar to me, imagine me, but organised......thats Carmen, lol!!! Its like we never have any gaps imbetween seeing eachother.



  1. Friendships like this are the riches of life: so is such scrummy yarn!

  2. wow! the shine on the merino tencel is amazing, the twist really shows that off, I wonder how it will effect the look knitted up, super sheen I think, they look great Jen :)