Tuesday, 21 February 2006

experiments and knitting

What a day I'm having.

last night I found the house. The house I absolutely have to have. It's beautiful. I put a lower offer in because we can't afford the higher one. They said no. Family offered to help out a bit because they all love the house and so we've put in a second offer. I hope its accepted, I can't bear the waiting.

As a result of going to see the house at 4pm and not being able to leave because I loved it so much, I missed my bosses who were checking my ethics proposal for the knitting experiment. I managed to get in touch with the woman who deals with it, she said as long as I handed it in at 10.30 this morning it would still be OK. So I came to work especially early, 9.15am to be precise, to be here when my bosses could hand over the goods. No where to be seen, (they are very busy people) and to cut a long story short at 12pm my legs had gone numb and I was trying not to cry. I missed the deadline, no research could be carried out at the show in Olympia. In desperation Anth pushed me in the lift, took me to the floor, and flung me through the door of the woman, and told me to start begging.

I did, and told her it was my life's work. Well it is really, its the most exciting thing I've ever initiated. She looked at me sternly and said: I'm very busy today and lucky for you I haven't had time to send the proposals off'. You have an hour. I muttered something about kissing her and flew down the corridor to my bosses office to bang the door down.

He was there and had the stuff and signed it. Then I said, 'you need to sign that one', (the one that says principle researcher i.e. the person whose research it is), and he replied, no. That's you.

I am the principle researcher, I've never been that ever in my little life. The sun streamed through the window at that moment and the beginning of the Simpson's music started playing. (listen to the bit where they sing 'the Simpson's at the beginning its very up lifting.) Suffice to say I'm happy.

I'm so happy I don't even mind that I partook in an experiment that required dyslexic people and was completely humiliated because I can't do logic puzzles. 'Thats the point' the experimenter said, 'thats a classic dyslexic trait, I don;t care about whether you have the answer right or not, just how you worked it out.'

Note to self, if study requires dyslexic, forget it, even if it is to help out fellow collegues. : heres an example for you:

  All darts players are swimmers.

Some swimmers are whales.

What follows next? Some whales might be darts players???? I don't get it. (thats not a real example by the way).

So I'm going to have a late lunch break in town and get some sushi to celebrate and buy my mom a birthday present.

PS rogue progress going OK. knitting armholes. But need to be on sleeves really.

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