Wednesday, 22 February 2006

What is going on?

Not much knitting stuff today so don't read if you only want knitting.

Whats odd, is that I used to censor what I wrote in my blog because I worry about being honest, when you have a business  you sort of feel pressured to give a certain impression, I'm bored of doing that, now I'm being me again, as a consequence I get loads more comments. Thanks guys, I love em!

Ok, my life is filled with such polarised things at the moment its all a bit strange.

So. The house people? They said no. THEY SAID NO. Thats the wrong answer. Sorry but it just is. We can't afford any more money. But I want that house. No, thats putting it too mildly, I walked in and I knew it was mine. I just know! So I'm not really sure what will happen next. But it will be mine. no kiddin, but I'm not going to pay any more money than we can afford. But that house will be mine. Watch this space.

Not much progress on rogue, but tonights the night!! I don't think i'll get it all done in time though, still i'll never give up.

I'm so excited about the knitting research, I can hear whispers of Phd in the back somewhere. That will only happen if I can be paid what I get now. But I'm realising that nothing is impossible anymore. Especially things as simple as houses! Cough cough.

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