Wednesday, 8 February 2006

I'm feeling a bit sick now....

I do an exercise regime (when I can be arsed) called British Military Fitness. Its hard, you have to roll around in the mud and god knows what, in the dark, it hurts, they shout at you. So In anticipation of struggling, I Just ate; two packs of marks and Spencer's sushi, a large granola yogurt, and a very sickly chocolate flapjack. I feel queasy. I think that defeats the object of exercise.

They accepted the lower offer on the house, and today the survey is being done! Hooray!

Oh and I have been doing some knitting:


Its the same pattern as the last cardigan, I loved it so much I'm making another one. It's called Louise, from Noro knits by Jane Ellison. As usual I have to convert the pattern because I'm making it with different yarn, it may come out a little smaller than the other one, but hopefully I'll get away with it.

As for the jayne hat, I'm currently in denial.

Research is ticking along nicely, had a few more people sign up. I'm dyeing to analyze the data.

I think there should be an article on knitting and therapy in the march simply knitting with me in it I hope, anyone got it yet? I should really subscribe!

Sale is still on, oh and I added some hand dyed feather boa's to the store, they are lush!

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