Thursday, 23 February 2006

The happiest dyslexic in the world!

I've just had the most wonderful realisation when I read Yarn Harlots blog. The end of the olympics is sunday not tomorrow!!!!! Oh my gosh I've got the whole weekend to finish my rogue. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was convinced that the 26th was tomorrow and I was a little dissapointed that I wouldn't finish, but now my hope has been renewed!! I really think I can do it. If I finish off the 'v' thing and the hood tonight and tomorow, that means that I can do a sleeve sat and a sleeve sun!!! Wohoo!

How exciting.

Talking of completely getting my dates wrong. I was so proud of myself because whilst purchasing my mothers birthday card on monday I saw the sign that said 'mothers day march the 26th'. I was shocked, the 26th? Thats sunday surely. I must get her the card today and send it off, then I won't forget! So I being very proud of myself that I was so organised I popped it in the post with the birthday card.

*Note to self: how can I think that it was the 26th on sunday and not connect that I thought the Olympics finished on the 26th which I thought was on can my brain be so fragmented, its bizarre.*

Then on the phone in the evening the next day, I said to mum, 'did you get the other card as well, The mothers day one' I said excitedly. There was a silence, mum said; 'no darling not yet, what was that, another birthday card?', 'no' I said 'the mothers day card for sunday, you musn't open it before then' I said. Then mum said. 'I don't think its mothers day yet jen' Oh! then I twigged I had the wrong month, we laughed alot. I do things like that alot, hehe. Thank goodness I didn't order the big bunch of flowers, I was so close!

The fact that there is only one cable mistake on my rogue is a small miracle. Honest.

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