Saturday, 11 February 2006

Olympic entry no1

Holy shmolies! The guns done off and I still haven't got my flippin trainers on, let alone my getting to the first hurdle, so I decided that if I dyed the wool for rogue today, then it would be dried by tomorrow and I could get started. But no of course it never works like that. I dyed the wool, but I the colour so isn't me, it was meant to be so much darker but because I was being cautious, I dyed loads which resulted in less depth of colour.

Want to see it? Well your going to anyway:


Of course I can over dye it no problem at all, but I ran out of acid, oh yes only today!

I went to the supermarket for emergency supplies, ended up spending a fortune on the most bizarre food, and guess what? I forgot the vinegar. So the yarn will have to stay like that until tomorrow. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

So if I finish this it'll be a miracle. However, I like a challenge!

What else? ohhh! New yarn coming for the shop, but that depends on acid as well, so ...... and thanks for all the really helpful comments on the house. I really appreciate your feedback. We have given up on that house because I feel it is too dodgy, we might never be able to sell it again, still on the bright side, a house has come up in the village I really wanted to live in, and it needs a little updating so is in our budget, V exciting. We are viewing it wed.

Off to take my Japanese lodger to the cinema to see Brokeback mountain and give her the experience of Caroline street in Cardiff afterwards, when we will have chicken curry and chips off the floor. Just don't ask why its called that ok! Lets put it this way, if you ever come to Cardiff, you have to have the experience just once, especially on a saturday night with all the drunk people. Its great fun. Honest!

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