Tuesday, 14 February 2006

Valentines knitting

So look what I had for valentines!!!


I've always wanted a heart shaped box of chocolates like in the movies. Anth saved them from his US trip, how thoughtful. he's taking me out for lunch to the vege cafe around the corner. Then the pictures tonight and a curry. He knows me so well.

I was struggling what to get anth for today, and I was wandering around the Coop last night, a bit desperate, and came upon a box of Mr kiplings cherry pies. Anth loves cherrys, and he loves pies. Perfect I thought! He was splitting his sides this morning with laughter when I gave them to him, I really have no idea why.

What else? Nearly finished the hat which needs to be photgraphed today, only a very simple hat, once thats done I can start on my olympic challenge!!!

No computer news yet, seems as if my computer stuff is complicated.

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