Friday, 17 February 2006

Proud owner of a cable

So heres my olympic progress of rogue today:


'Hmm' you might be saying, she's only knitted about 3 inches. Well...yes....but I'm not giving up. I will knit furiously tonight and tomorrow and sunday. The cables were doing my head in, but its ok. I can do it I'm convinced.

I've got a 2 new yarns for the shop. These ones are only available from my shop.

The first is a super duper soft alpaca and silk blend. This stuff is so soft. I will work on some patterns for this because its super:


The second is a limited edition boucle, again British wool and very soft and snuggly.


I'll add more colours at the weekend, inbetween knitting rogue.

Getting excited about the house viewing tonight. The house is in an area, where in places can be a little rough, and I have been told that one street can be very different to the next. So if we like it and want to put an offer in, sat night we will go and buy chips and sit and eat them in the street in the car and see how rowdy the street is.

PS anyone going to Olympia?

I'm going to be running a huge research project there on the stitchlinks stand! Please come and Join in!

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