Monday, 13 February 2006

what can I say?

Well, the wool is over - dyed. It's plummy and brown, I didn't really want anything variegated for rogue, but hey, that's what I do best.

So the wool is nearly dry, but I still can't cast on.......I need to finish a hat pattern by tomorrow, so obviously I need to finish knitting the hat. BUT Tomorrow night I will be casting on and knitting like a demon.

So, back looking for houses, and found a couple of potentials, and feel excited again instead of exasperated. There is one especially with a huge garage, perfect for a workshop, but it's a row of cottages amongst a sort of industrial estate. The view is nice, but they might build, so I'll have to research that one a bit.

On another note, my laptop with the whole content of my business has died. Yep! with all my patterns, invoices, business info. Well obviously I backed it all up didn't I? Actually....... not for three months...... I sort have been meaning to do it for ages, but just didn't seem to get around to it. As a result I'm feeling queasy again this morning. The techies have it and are trying to save my hard drive. I said I'd knit them socks and a hat. They said if I did, they wouldn't fix my computer. No appreciation. None.

Anth keeps telling me that after great difficulties comes great good fortune. I'm holding onto that really tightly.

ooh ooh ooh! one last thing before I go and heat my Heinz tomato soup up is, that I have new yarns, only available from the fyberspates shop. Hopefully I'll take pics soon and upload them into the shop. Alpaca and silk........fluffy soft boucle......yum, yum, yum.

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