Saturday, 4 February 2006

Treats from the US

I do believe my husband actually listens to my knitting talk. On returning from his trip from LA, he presented me with presents, so obviously I grabbed the bag eagerly and tipped the contents onto the table, only to find a large skein of bright green acrylic from wall-mart. It was accompanied by fudge from Hollywood, so there was some compensation, here's a picture:


Trying my hardest not to look disgusted at his lack of judgment and taste (we are talking about the yarn now) he started rolling around on the floor with laughter. He knew it was not the yarn gift I was looking for and was really teasing me very much. (I do have to point out here, that stuff is extremely soft, any one got any ideas what I can use it for?)

SO then he grinned and got out the next present:


HE said that he tried his hardest to find a yarn store but couldn't and when he went to wall mart to get me the acrylic skein he was pleasantly surprised to find these, and even GET THIS!!!: Even chose the skeins with the patterns on the labels for a hat and scarf or waistcoat, (obviously I will make a couple of scarfs) and chose the right number of balls so I could choose what I wanted to make. He did choose the right colours as well, and there is no acrylic to be seen.

I love him, I really do.

Obviously there was also Hershey chocolate which, sorry to people who like it; tastes like baby sick to me. Its not chocolate, that's all I'm gonna say.

There were stripey socks from rodeo drive as well with angora in them and tee shirts.

:-) Oh and he loves the house, except there is a small problem which his dad noticed, somebody has knocked two rooms into one and haven't put a supporting beam in between, so the house could potentially fall down. But my friend bob the builder is taking a look at it Monday and see how fixable it is and we will drop the offer if its not too bad, because I really love the house.

OK, off to do some more dyeing and photo some more yarn for the sale

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