Thursday, 16 February 2006

I've started my olympic entry!!!!


Here is the progress on rogue so far:

I'm stuck already, and need some help. I've completed row 3 and increased the 3 stitches into each stitch,  and  done the increases on row 4 of chart A, but the pattern rows above don't work for the number of stitches I've increased. I don't get it. Please please someone explain.

** added later, thanks for the help, I figured it out now.**

According to anth, my olympic challenge, is to stick to the pattern and make no alterations.

And here is some yummy hand spun I bought from Lainezinzin its lush.


I've been in the process of buying a house for about 3 weeks now.  I hate it so much.

The problem I have is that for the price we can afford, there is always something wrong with the houses we go to see, either that they are falling down, have no planning permission for extensions, or have no flippin kitchen. AHHHHHHH! Its actually doing my head in.

If I had no hobby's/business then I could find some 2 up 2 down, no problem, or if I wanted to live in the valleys on a mountian, in a miners cottage in the middle of no-where then again we would be fine. BUT I DON'T! I want a big house where I can have a big art room, and have a large dining table so I can have people to stay and come for dinners, and a garden I can actually sit in. I want to live surrounded by the cosmopolitan culture that encompasses cardiff, and makes it the amazing place it is. If I want to go to my favourite japanese restuarant, I don't want to travel 20 miles. A bit much you may be asking. NO! I refuse out right to believe that there isn't a house just waiting for me out there. I may have to accept that we need to have house which needs work....which is the conclusion I'm coming to. But hey.

Property viewing no squillion tomorrow at 5pm. Big house. Bad decor. Please please let it be OK........

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