Monday, 20 February 2006

Olympic knitting experiments.

I just finished writing my ethics proposal for the knitting experiment at Olympia. All rather exciting really. and guess what? There is some serious progress on rogue:


Interestingly the cable on the other side looks slightly different. However seeing as I have got this far and the cable *difference* is at the bottom, there is no way I am frogging this thing. Not only that but I quite like the alternative cable. so its A-symmetry is staying. Lets just say cognitively; I'm flexible. Oooh! There's a knitting experiment hint.

Houses, turn away if houses bore you.

The house I went to see Friday? Well, the estate agent was 45 minutes late, and for once I do believe I was really quite relieved. A group of teenagers cycled up the road and started throwing stones at the cars and windows of the houses. Yes! Really! In front of us. I felt quite scared. Suffice to say, I am deleting that area of our list.

Having now looked for a total of 4 weeks or something like that I am changing tack. I booked in to see a load of gorgeous houses about £10,000 more than  we can afford and you know what? the difference in the houses and the areas are astounding. I've decided that being cheeky is not going to kill me. So I am going to keep looking at these lovely houses and offer them exactly what I can afford.  They can only say no, can't they.

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