Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Happy new year!

Happy New 2008 everybody :-)

I love the new year, it always makes me feel excited.

I had a lovely christmas, I went to my little brothers with mom and pops and spent it with his wife debbs and her family, my bro and debbs are so funny, they have a mini zoo in their house, they are on the surface 'ultra shiek', with their gorgeous house etc, and then as you look round a corner, you see the odd tailess chinchilla, and a random rabbit, and a few ginnea pigs, lol, they are mostly rescue animals, and its just so funny. Anyway it was a super break, mainly because I was away from home for about 10 days, which was blissful, when you work at home, its nice to just get away. I also spent some wonderful time with a special freind, which was just super, all in all a really really great break, oh and did soooooo much shopping.

And now for my new year. Last year was certainly an improvement on the trauma of the year before, and a great many achievements were made with the business and my life, but I would like to make this year the year of 'Bright, Gorgeous and Happy Relationships', in every aspect of my life, I want to see old freinds more, new freinds more, visit mom and pops more often, and the rest of my family, everyone was slightly neglected last year and so I want to change that in 2008.

I also want to become alot more organised, I am nearly there with it, and infact my VAT return only took 2 hours this time because I had all the files all ready and tidy.

I want to design alot more, there are so many ideas in my head, I would ideally like to design 2 things a month if poss, lots more garments.

I want to get really fit and be very healthy, I have joined Splott gym, and will start doing yoga too, and more than anything eat more fruit and vegetables, eat oily fish twice a week and raw to medium steak twice a month, (I struggle to eat red meat, but I need it sometimes.)

Oh and I have a new business venture, which is a slow process, its doesn't involve me in the production thank goodness, just the setting up, I can't manage fyberspates and something else as well, but its very exciting and will probably end up being larger in the long run, but enough of that for now.

So here's to dyeing the most gorgeous yarns and fibres in the world, being as Ethical as possible, and to enjoying every moment we have on this wonderful and gorgeous planet.


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  1. What a great New Year determination, I'm sure 2008 will be the best for you.