Thursday, 31 January 2008

12 month sock club and I am in love!

Right, firstly I have had a few enquiries about if people can join the 12 month sock club late. And of course the answer is yes ;-) You can run it from feb to feb, or have jan and febs at the same time next month if you like. Its no problem at all.

I'm in love with my fibres this week. Ha! That got you didn't it! They are making me crazy to spin, just crazy. There is lots of bfl/silk, merino tencel, and kid mohair, I resisting the urge to spin some up. I've been dyeing to pop music today and have just had such a perfect day, everything I wanted has just happened, I wish everyday was like this, I think the chanting is starting to shift my life in a fabulous direction ;-)


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