Friday, 25 January 2008

In A RUSH......

So seeing as I am in a rush I'll update you breifly.....

  • I spent the afternoon knitting with Eirwen and Wye sue yesterday, which was superduper and lovely to chat to serious yarno's.

  • Going to spend some time with this yarno at the weekend......

  • Had some incredible developments in the area of a tough relationship, you might be able to guess, but suffice to say we have had major breakthroughs, both trying very hard, both chanting tonnes and tonnes, resulting in us, I think becoming very very great freinds.

  • Finished 'the garment' and I am in love with it and I don't want to send it away.

  • Finished all my annoying little things I have been trying to do for ages and ages, just a little question of my tax return AHEM,

  • No yarn update because the shop is already well stocked and I had wholesale to to care of this week, but if you want lace try here, if you want sock try here.

  • Right off to pack my little bags and get the flock out of here ;-)

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