Monday, 14 January 2008

I'm knitting, yipeeeee!

I'm away from home today because I am visiting a Wooly cherub, who is half way from me to Scotland, and I am off to scotand tomorrow to go and see K1 yarns and chat wool.

Which means that I am having a day away from the house, no packing orders, and no dyeing, which can only mean one thing, knitting, knitting and more knitting, and I am loving it, I have to knit something for a magazine and it needs to be finished soon, and I am loving it soooooo much, I haven't been excited about knitting anything for ages, anyways I'll give you a couple of clues, 1. its a garment, 2. Its lacey and 3. Its knitted in scrumptious of course!!! As a result of spending the day knitting, I have the TV on, not something I do at home, and its kind of strange, although its ok to have on in the back ground, its like watching baby tv, does any one know what I mean? its like its all dumbed down to be super simple, it odd, and slightly life sucking, so I although I am enjoying veging out and knitting I would die of boredom if I did it everyday radio 4 as a knitting accompliment wins hands down every time, perhaps I am watching the wrong things, lol?


  1. My fave KAL sound is R4... better still, Test Match Special...
    I'm really disappointed in most TV at the moment... I do watch a little bit of Cbeebies with DD (3 1/2) and there is some fun stuff there...
    I'm intrigued to read the reviews of 'Lark Rise to Candleford'... I didn't dare watch it as it is one of mu favourite books... and I counldn't bear to have it (potentially) ruined!

  2. There's nothing like something you have seen a million times before and really enjoy to knit along with. During the Knitting Olympics I watched Pride and Prejudic and North and South again. At the moment Lucy Neatby is favorite. Of course there is always Buffy...