Saturday, 5 January 2008


Today I had a real proper Saturday, you know, one with no work? Yep, it was wonderful, I got my hair cut extremely short again because it grows like grass, bought Carmella her Christmas present (its Spanish Christmas tomorrow), (she already had her English presents) Marie came over, we went to look for houses in Splott, drank lots of tea, chatted, then we made a huge baked cheesecake, and cooked ham in coca cola a la Nigella, and watched the snowman, because Carmella has always wanted to watch it, all in all it was a pretty blissful day, I am dyeing to try the damned cheesecake, but I have to wait till tomorrow, when it is chilled and will be served with a strong coffee for mid morning scrumminess.

I am going to have a little nap before I go out to my new favourite vege restaurant The Canteen on Clifton Street in Splott with a few friends. I wish every Saturday was this good.


  1. That recipe of Nigella's is good: I never cook ham in any other way now. And you can make black bean soup with the stock, mmm.

  2. I just hope we can keep you interested! See you soon :)