Monday, 21 January 2008

Wow, Its monday!!

I had such a wonderful weekend, basically, lots of visitors came to see Carmen, and we knitted, chatted, laughed, cried and generally had a wonderful time, and I am so gutted she had to go home. She is probably the most cherished freind I have, we are very similar and we understand each other extremely well, we also chanted alot, (she is a buddhist too) which just made it very very special. Secretly I always chant for her to come to Cardiff to live with her lovely husband Fran. 'cough cough' Fran? Are you reading, hint, hint? lol.

Well, anyway I didn't even turn my laptop on yesterday, which made it a very relaxing weekend, and always makes me appreciate coming back to work so much more.

So to start the week, the shop has been update here, whats rather exciting is I have had some solid scrumptious made for me. I only have it in the chunky weight at the moment, but the dk will follow, its just absolutely gorgeous, such intensity of colours, because it is top dyed instead of the yarn being dyed. I have it in cherry, purple, and olive.


I think my favourite of the update this week is some alpaca lace in 'flowers'.....


Right, off to finish of the 'secret' garment for the magazine, its looking seriously good. ;-)

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