Monday, 28 January 2008

Tax return

Guess what I am doing? My tax return, and actually, I don't mind strangely, I like to see how much my business has turned over, its kind of exciting, lol. I just wish that it was slightly more organised, unfortunately when I worked at the same time as having fyberspates I just stuffed everything in a box so its a little bit labour intensive, thank goodness I am VAT registered now, because I have to do everything perfectly every three months now so it'll be a doddle next time I do it.

Shut up Mr Robinson! I can hear you falling about laughing as you read that.

So the weekend was lovely, really lovely, I went out for dinner with Amanda we went to oxford, it was really fun, I drank lots and ate snails, (  Sorry hannah :-(  ) don't think my tummy liked the snails very much, still, guess what? I have a gorgeous little book called Lacey little knits that Sheila from wool2dye4 sent me, and I absolutely love it. Actually the thing I have cast on for was kind of fate, I stuffed 2 hanks of my lace mohair in my bag, in 2 similar colours, a lovely plum, and a plum thats a bit more charcoaly, the one I featured in one of the updates the week  before last) and I happened to have a 4.5mm circular needle with me. As I was browsing through it in my hotel room I spotted a lovely little lacy cardigan, (the one on the front of the book), it only takes 2 x 50gm hanks of yarn so I cast on and am loving it, I haven't knitted anything from a pattern for ages. There are actually two or three things in that book I would make, and thats very unusual for me. I'll photograph my progress tomorrow. I am loving knitting at the moment, and strangely there are no socks in sight!!!!! I have to say though that Amanda's 'tit socks' are really really great.


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