Friday, 13 June 2008

First finished project in ages and ages!!

So, its just knitting central here, Elly and I just can't stop, we went to the borders  and then the pub last night with some of the Stitch and Bitch lot, and we are all going out for dinner tonight too and we will take our knitting. So as a result of all this knitting,  I actually finished the shawl this morning, and I love it, the pattern is my own, and if you are interested I will write it up, its not a conventional shape, but it does create a shawl colar when its on, which looks really cute, and I wouldn't wear it as a conventional shawl anyway, I like the striping, there are a tonne of colours, but it was my first practice so I wanted to make the most of it, and I am really happy, it only took one hank of my bluefaced sock, not bad huh?


And here is a photo with it on, to show you you the colar, I will wear it out for dinner tonight so I will take a nicer photo then:


So now onto updates and dyeing lots more for you guys. I might, just might do some for the sock clubs, but we'll see, the self striping will be on the site on sunday afternoon, I will tempt you with photo's tomorrow.

I hope you all have a nice weekend. and the weather is good for you :-)

By the way, I am going to scale down the custom dyeing a little bit, and put the minimums up for it, I will do it at times when its not so crazy, but at the moment, I am too busy to take on small custom orders, they take triple the time of larger scale production, and I am not turning thigs around fast enough to my satisfaction, so I do have someone who is happy to do them for you though, so if you want something I will pass you on.


  1. The colours in your shawl are gorgeous ... and it looks a great pattern. :)

  2. Kniterella in Yorkshire15 June 2008 at 10:32

    So I'm not gonna get me Autumn sock yarn then for irene. shame, she's been waiting since Feb. I wouldn't mind another 4 skeins of it, I sent you a sample of the colours. Is it suitable for for a shawl, is 4 skeins enough???

  3. Oh that is beautiful! I do hope that you will make the pattern available.