Monday, 23 June 2008

Sock, gloves and fun :-)

So as it happens, I am still finishing of dyeing for woolfest, lol,  especially seeing as the self striping sock yarn kind of disappeared from the shop last night ;-).

So that means I have to get the rest done a bit sharpish, but I have my trustee helper Elly, who is super, she makes me lunch and gin & tonics when I show signs of stress, Lol! Nothing better than a G & T to calm your nerves. I am just dying some gorgeous fleeces which are extremely fine merino, they are very clean, so they are just getting dyed as they are, and will be perfect for spinners, and they are all rainbow colours, yay! I will photograph it tomorrow for you, because today we have some photos from the sock knit along : very very fantastic, I am stunned at the gorgeousness.

OK so firstly with these very arty photos are Vicky's socks:



Claire's mitts :-)



And these are Juliette's


and captain carrot by the lovely Karen.


Cool huh?

There will be lots and lots of this yarn at Woolfest I promise!!



  1. aren't they stunning and such vibrant colours. Hope to have something knit up for woolfest:)

  2. Fleeces! Oh my! I love fleeces. I have a Romney in the bath soaking at the moment - went to the gymn for my shower ;>)

  3. They look gorgeous. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to resist that green.:)