Tuesday, 3 June 2008

lol, one damned day off and the world falls apart

So I took the morning and early afternoon off today so I could help my freind move house, afterall a woman with a Van can often be in demand, lol. That was fun, I met some nice people, and my arms got a major workout, I think they will be very stiff tomorrow.

Firstly I need to say, the laptop, just kind of broke. Not turning on or anything, so after nearly throwing it out the window, Carmella lent me hers, but that means all my stuff is not accesible so patterns and things I can´t print, although I think I can print other things. I feel a little bit stressed without it, but it shouldn´t in theory impede business, but if you get any weird spellings or spanish symbols you know why!!!!

So, yes I know its what you cherubs have been waiting for lol, the thing I keep teasing you with, well, as you all know, or I think  some of you do anyway I love self striping yarn, I mean really love it, its why I learnt to spin, and dye. But up until now, the only thing I could do was create multicloured yarn, which when knit in the round as in socks sort of self stripes. I did try some huge hanks, but that is not commercially viable. But I have now cracked it, its a secret for now, but basically you will now be able to buy proper self dtriping yarn from me!!! Gorgeous sock yarn and also dk , and perhaps some other things in special occasions. I will run a couple of clubs to introduce it, and I will be wholesaleing it, and there will be special colours every week. Everyone I have shown my little sample to has really loved it.

So I tried a little shawl to start with my first messing abouts, because I wasn´t in a sock mood. I am INLOVE with it:


Bear in mind I did just about every colour I could think of to get maxuimum trialage out of it, lol, here is a closeup:


These length of stipes would have worked perfectly for socks I need to make sure the DK ones are thicker. But I will be taking LOTS of them to Woolfest, so you will have to come and buy them there or join a sock club, might do a dk one too, I need to plan it out I will have to reorganise my clubs a bit so they are all on track, infact I was thinking instead of them all being staggered, to do them all in on week, that way they would have a week of my attention devoted to them, anyway we´ll see.

So let me know what you think people!!!


  1. Absolutely Excellent. noro eat your heart out. I hae been doing some similar self striping but I did it by knitting it then dyeing in stripes then frogging it. So incredibly time consuming even with a knitting machine that I only ever did a few!

  2. Oooh, that looks absolutely gorgeous!
    Well done!
    I'm not allowed to buy more yarn, have been threatend with violence... ;)
    hope to see you soon.

  3. Oh, I like that! You are so, so clever! Scarves and shawls will look great knitted with it. I'd like some DK for cushion covers.

  4. When I first looked at this post I thought "Jeni's been knitting with Noro!"
    It looks fantastic. Can we have some in the 12 month sock club?

  5. Clever girl, you've got a winner there again.

  6. That looks wonderful, looking forward to trying some out!