Thursday, 5 June 2008

One eyed cat Karma.

So, it was nearly rainy thursday, but the sun has come out this afternoon so all is not lost, however the laptop is causing me rather alot of stress, the last time I backed up was April, which is annoying, thing I am bothered about is all my invoices, I have to do my vat return and they are all on the computer, I didn´t print them out, damn, I am so annoyed with myself. Not only that but I have to start again with all my labels, and I can´t get the printer on to this spanish laptop, its doing my spanish good though, I am learning!!, lol.

Anyway, its not all lost, I have new one eyed munchkin!! Remember sweetie pie who built my garden? well, he has decided to go off to Shrilanka and build some houses, I am really proud of him, I just hope I can wangle a visit!!! But anyway, he owned monkey cat before I inherited her, and also Kitty, but he has a small flat so they didn´t get on too well, so I inherited monkey cat who is blind on one eye, then when Sweetie pie decided to uproot, and do something completely exciting, he needed to find a home for kitty, but for some reason struggled because she has one eye! Sometimes it makes me mad to think that people wouldn´t want a cat simply because they have one eye, I can not even concieve of why that would be a barrier. My mum also has a cat called Olly´, and after looking after monkey for the week when I went on holiday, thought that it was a sign when she saw as rspca advert at sainsbury´s for a one eyed cat, lol, despite the fact that Olly is so sweet, because she had one eye, no one would adopt her. Strange but true!!!

Anyway, I am sure you have seen lots of photo´s of monkey before but here is another because I love her so much:

P1010141 She is the sweetest little monkey in the world, when kitty arrived yesterday, clearly she wasn´t happy after the journey, and monkey went up to her and meowed really sweetly, not once hissing, but kitty obviously doesn´t feel the same, lol. Anyway monkey is not one little bit bothered kitty is here, I suppose she must remember her.

Anyway, here is kitty, she also has one eye, also as a result of a traffic accident, she is a little madam and an old one at that, I think she is at least 12, but very lovely, a nice addition to the household and has a real personality. Thankfully she hasn´t shown much interest in the wool, lol!


Right, I am off to see if I can do some surgery to my laptop, one more time before I throw it out of the window. OOOHHH, by the way,  have added a custom dye section to the website, so that I can keep track of them better, if you want a yarn custom dyed which is not on there, I can add it no problem. Stripey shawl is coming on lovely by the way!



  1. I agree, it's strange that people want 'perfect' pets; they must think it reflects well on them.
    When you get your laptop fixed, check out online backup; it's really handy.

  2. I have a deaf cat, so I have an outdoor run where normal people have a patio, and the cats can go through a catflap from house to outdoor run and be safe but outside in the rain and wind. I love my funny deaf cat and I miss his little deaf mother who died a few years ago from old age. I still have a nice little family of four cats, two Turkish Van and two Norwegian Forest. That's a LOT of white fur everywhere!