Thursday, 12 June 2008

I'm getting a grip.

Its amazing how much you can get done when you have a little help, lol! I actually feel like I am catching up finally, its a lovely feeling. I can tie up lots off little loose ends today, and finish the couple of custom orders I have, and finally send out wholesale packs, yippee.

Yesterdays trip to getknitted was a blast. It feels like home there, I really enjoy going, and everyone has a really good laugh, so its nice. Plus they love my yarn so thats kinda nice, lol!

They will be stocking lots of lace and self striping sock in the near future, I just need my delivery to come soon, eek. But anyway, there will be two updates this weekend. One is tomorrow, where there will be some more baby Alpaca from Peru, and also other bits and peices, and then on sunday there will be lots and lots of self striping sock yarn for the first time ever. I am so so excited!! There will be some fybers too.

Seeing as its all quietened down and I have nearly caught up, I have started to work on FS trading, and started getting everything sorted out, I feel so excited about it. Its quite a big task bringing something from another country and selling it here, because all the patterns need translating, and picking the right things can be a bit scary, but I feel absolutely capable, and in my element really, its sure is nice to feel like I know what I am doing, I am not sure exactly why I feel like that, I just feel like having started a business from the beginning and building it up and getting it wrong and then trying again and going through this cycle, has been the best experience I have ever had. I am learning to let go too, and  distribute tasks  to others who have their own unique speciality's, so they are much quicker than me at what they do.

I also decided yesterday, I also am going to start saying no to things, I am tired of doing lots of labour intensive things for free, like designing, and then getting stressed because I don't have time but feel pressured and then end up late, and then I feel so damned guilty, not feeling guilty and keeping up with things is worth a million pounds. So I am am going to say no LOTS  more, lol, I think I am going to be a tough old bird one day. I don't think Richard Branson got where he was by spending 3 days of his week designing his planes for free, because it would get him where he wants to be, I am already there, I don't need to be a slave anymore, sounds harsh, but its true. I would never ever expect anyone to do anything for free for me, EVER, so why do I accept that as normal when its me not being paid when my time is worth so much? Um HELLO JEN, THIS IS A BUSINESS!!!. Its hard to learn that lesson and draw the line under fun and switch to earning money, its so hard because it I am so used to contributing for free, I have always been that way, and its sometimes got me the contacts and experience I wanted, so its time to let go now of that.


So Elly is here, and she has started some yarn experiments for me, lol, not telling you what, you will have to wait for the update, ooooooh I am so damned excited. Oh and nearly finished the self striping shawl, really it should be finished tonight, then I need to start on a design for my scrumptious book. Yay!! I love knitting again! I'll post a photo tomorrow.



  1. Glad you're catching up and enjoying it - any chance of some self-striping for the sock club? It looked fab when I saw it in Edinburgh...

  2. Kniterella in Yorkshire15 June 2008 at 10:27

    BOOK, WOT BOOK??????????????????????????????
    Lemme at it. Can I have a copy please?
    I'll be the first to get it, cos I just love your yarns and your designs are real groovy too.
    About what you said, can I get the self-stripping sock yarn or maybe the baby alpaca, I could do with one to crop me little lawn. lol. I'm dying to see the baby alpaca yarn could I get some of it as agreed???
    Oh yeah, How did your KIP go yesterday??? Mine was a blast. We knitted and chatted all day from 1-5 it was real cool. i had brought 3 WIP Riaz was doing a man's scarf for her stall Jane was knitting socks, I taught her to knit socks ahem, and Claire was struggling with her crochet, she's a double she loves Knitting as much as us. Yeah it was nice and sunny as well with a pint of Frapp in me mitts it was a jolly good day can't wait till the next one.
    It was Yarn harlot's BIG 4 0 yesterday on WWKIP WOW wot a blast she must have the Mother of a hangover, good for her. Gonna get me card friend out.