Tuesday, 24 June 2008

If only I had just one thign to think about at a time, lol.

So, getting closer to being a bit more ready for woolfest, but as usual, there are a million things to think about that come straight after, lol! So I get back from Woolfest, come home and then the day after, guess where I am going? Pitti Filati !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am postively bubbling with excitement, and I have a few appointments, man, I wish I could tell you who with, but I can't yet ;-) you know its all undercover stuff, hehe, I love teasing you lot. I will aslo be meeting freinds from Peru, so thats lovely. I have always wanted to go to this show, for ever and ever, and I know its going to be wonderful, I also hope I might have a bit of time to go little bit of shopping in Florence, fingers crossed, and hopefully come back so inspired I won't know what to do with myself.

So off to go and try and get the last lot of dyeing finished.

Photo's later,.



  1. We will be there too!
    Arriving the 3rd and will be there till sunday

  2. Do find time to have ice cream at perche no!, to visit the casa de tessuti (the best fabric shop ever) and point d'or for amazing hosiery. Did you read my blog about our visit? Have fun and give my love to Florence!