Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Ok fyberspates HQ is on a permanent high at the moment.

So yesterday was a trip to Simply knitting in Bath, as usual Elly anD I had a great time, met all the crew,  and had lots and lots of fun. They are all such dedicated knitters, that its a pleasure to take a visit there.

And to add to the wonderful day I had, I went to the dentist in the morning for the first time in 8 years. I know thats shocking isn't it?!  Elly went so I thought I would book in for a checkup. Turns out I have perfect teeth, no fillings needed, no signs of anything bad, and the dentist was gobsmacked that I had got to 30 withoout any fillings, I did feel just a little bit smug it has to be said, hehehehehe.

My mum sent me a text reminding me what a fantastic mother she was, by limiting my sugar  to a weekly ritual of letting me have 1/4 of a mars bar on a sunday afternoon when I was a child. And I remember the dentist saying to my mother that I shouldn't have things like sweets, and even tomato sauce was a no no because it had sugar in, I remember wanting to lamp the damned dentist for saying that, it was about the sweetest thing I was allowed!!!!! Anyway  here I am fillingless :-)

So it really is the week of self striping, I was dyeing to test out my sock yarn so I cast on and haven't stopped knitting since, the effect wasn't exactly as I had planned, but I now realise that I may have discovered a little secret method completely by accident that makes the most uncredible effects when knitted up, BUT I NEED people to knit their yarn up now to see if it similar in the other this I am knitting, I really really hope it is. I am going to call this particular yarn Echo, because the effect is so gorgeous, I will then adjust it slightly for more sequential stripes (it does knit sequantially if you knit it with 2 needles), but slightly differently on 4.

So if you knit up some of the self striping yarn, all I want to see is one sock, or 3/4 of one, in a photo then I will give you a £5 gift voucher of your next purchase from the shop, how about that?

Here is my sock un the lavendar colourway:

So the colour changes in graduations, its amazing, I really really wish you could see it in real life, the blue stripes are starting to come back now, I can't stop knitting, its to exciting! Elly was gogsmacked which is a really good sign, but I need to know if its a fluke, or wether I am a genius! I know we'll have a self striping knit along!!! Who wants to join me? Starting today, comeon Claire, I know you will!

Ok folks

tata for now.



  1. Count me in for the KAL. My dpn's are poised by the front door for when my little old skein in Summer Daze lands on the doormat. We all gonna have a race? Points docked for having started already, Jeni! LOL, am a little over-excited!

  2. I just cant use this fantastic yarn for socks - especially not considering I use Birkenstocks. I am shocked!!!
    How about gloves or mittens?

  3. Perhaps if you taught me to knit at woolfest I could join in

  4. I am seriously tempted by this yarn! Oh, and I'm 33 this year, and no fillings yet....

  5. Kniterella in Yorkshire21 June 2008 at 09:20

    I am absolutely THRILLED TO BITS with the GORGEOUS Morrocco self-striping you sent me this week. The colours are stunning jewels. yep you must be a genius when it comes to dying up yarn. I have signed up for the ss sock club, count me in girl for the sockathon thing. I have wound up me skein on the swift and am just about to cast on. I just don't know how to send phots in email attachments.
    I have fallen in love with the Fairground I think its called. So can you put it into me sock please.
    I'd love to chat about 'woolly' things I have a Q to ask about dyes in my Wool Study essay in my C&G Knitting course.