Monday, 16 June 2008

Self striping sock yarn.

OK, well I'm dedicating this post to it just because I have had a few questions about it that perhaps I need to answer.

OK, someone asked why the price is so high on this yarn, mainly because it is about as labour intensive as it gets. Seriously it takes 3 times as long to create this yarn than any other sock yarn I make. Therefore the price has to reflect that. However I absolutely know it is worth it. The yarn is gorgeous and will make gorgeous socks and garments.

Secondly I have updated the photo's because they were dreadful yesterday, I had the wrong setting on my camera, although its hard to reflect the quantity of colours because there are so many, but thats something I need to work on. There will be ALOT of this yarn at woolfest I promise you :-)

This has to be my favourite I think:


I have wound some off and will be starting some socks tonight so i will post then some pics of it striping up :-)

And I am going to do a self striping sock club, which is £45 for 3 months for UK members and 50 for US members. It makes it a more economical way of buying the yarn, and will give you a chance to try it out properly :-) The places are limited though because of the labour involved. The club will start in July.


  1. What a gorgeous colour :)

  2. Beautiful colours, really yummy! And I love the shawl you've created - are you sending the pattern out into the big wide world for us to try?!?