Monday, 30 June 2008

My house is a bloody tip, gulp.

So I am off to Forenze on thurs for Pitti, and my house is such a tip, its horendous, there is so much fluff and dust, and yarn. It was probably best I didn't buy much, I wouldn't be able to find it anyway. So I need to clean, damn, I wish my mum was here to help. I need to make and send wholesale packs, I need to do my VAT return, clear the van out, sort lots of fs trading stuff before I go, wash my entire wardrobe, I am going to florence afterall so I need to look good, go get my hair dyed, and cut, might just chop it all off really really short, its doing my head in, buy a scrubbing brush and scrub all the dye off me because I look like a bleedin urchin, and basically get a grip.

My knitting is calling me so loudly, 'just knit me, knit me' well it is a new hat design for the scrumptious, so its technically work, but I should also be finishing off my designing for the fyberspates pattern booklet thing for autumn, which the photo shoot for is at the end of July,  gulp! Guess its going to be a busy couple of days.......

Ahh!! I was going to show you some photo's wasn't I!!

OK, once I work out how to switch the bluetooth on this replacement laptop (no really my laptop was so broke its still being fixed) then I will zap them over and post them, I promise..... and tell you all the people I said hello to at woolfest.



  1. Breathe Jeni! It'll be fine, it always is ;) Prioritise, if you're writing this on the 30th then you have 2 whole days to get a fair bit done and even if you don't then a few more days afterwards won't hurt will it? Do the easy bit first, you can be washing your wardrobe whilst soaking and scrubbing in the bath which you'll have to do after you've run round with the vacuum and duster anyway!
    You can do it, this is exactly what you wanted. Keep smiling and enjoy your trip. That's another country visited this year, you little globetrotter you!

  2. Have a great time and we'll catch up with all the news when you are back. I'm loving my self striping sock yarn, it's coming out beautifully on the first sock.