Thursday, 19 June 2008

my finger has a hole in it.

because I can't stop knitting the sock, its too addictive, and those knit pic metal dpns are sharp as hell, I have had to adjust fingers, but anyway I don't care, I am happy to suffer for my yarn, anyway just waiting for the camera battery to charge up and I'll take a photo of my progress.

I will do an update tomorrow as usual with more self striping sock ofcourse! and perhaps some more in Sunday, depends if this sunshine stays.

I am going crazy because I am so excited about woolfest and taking my yarns and fibres and gorgeous ness. It is my favourite show of the whole year. Gulp.



  1. Your yarns are great and enjoy it all.
    Not sure if I have already but, also wanted to drop by and let you know that I have a free Elizabeth Zimmerman book on offer. Come visit me and see.

  2. Remember to eat, sleep and breathe!!!

  3. Love the yarn, am at the heel at the moment, will hopefully turn it tonight...
    It's striping very subtly but it's gorgeous, you should have seen the drool of my housemates last night! ;)
    Will try and take some pics tomorrow, promise.