Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Yippeeeeee she squeals!!

I actually got the replacement laptop until mine is fixed!!! Yay, I am so so happy.

Well, Elly is coming for a few days, or longer I hope, and we are going to have lots and lots of experimental fun. There may be self striping goodies, possibly won't be dry for Friday, but I would imaging they will be done for Saturday. I will show you our progress though. Boy I am excited. We are off to getknitted tomorrow for a little trip, so thats great.

So the kitties; they are getting on quite well, Monkey has stopped hissing at me every time I stroke her, and even woke me up this morning, so I think she has stopped being annoyed with me. Kitty is loving the house, she has been out in the garden which I normally wouldn't have wanted for a while, but she goes in and out, and has been out exploring, so I am not worried. She did push monkey out the way this morning to get to her food, so it will be interesting to see how it pans out, lol, but all in all she is settling in fine.

So, service resumes as normal, lovely jubbly :-)

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