Wednesday, 25 June 2008

little bit sleepy, lol.

So tired today it hurts. Still, driving up halfway today then the rest tomorrow, and would you believe it, my huge order of undyed yarn arrived today, scrumptious lace, new sock yarns, and lace silk. Banging my head against the wall now, I needed them yesterday, anyway, thats the way the cookie crumbles. Hmm, wonder if I could dye a few tonight, NO JEN NO!

See you at woolfest folks, I'm near the entrance :-)



  1. sods law Jeni, you can always tell people about them and they can check the website when youa re back:)
    BTW no sock yarn arrived?

  2. Don't see that it makes any difference myself as stuff disappears from your shop as soon as it is posted :)
    Can't wait for my parcel to arrive, I have been stalking the postman.
    Bon Courage for Woolfest.