Tuesday, 4 March 2008

'Welsh cakes' / 'Pice ar y maen' recipe and huge friday update.

OK, so a couple of you asked for the recipe, and this is especially for Tracy who has hollow legs to fill and for Lis who had a pack of welsh cakes in her wholesale box and ate them all and loved them, lol.

This recipe is from 'A book of Welsh Bake-stone cookery' by Bobby Freeman.

So here we go, you normally cook them on a bake stone, I think you can substitute one of those for a very heavy bottomed frying pan, something that is happy to sit on heat for a while. It also says that the other method is a in a dutch oven, not too sure what that is, but it says that you can cook them under a medium grill instead as this is OK too. I prefer my griddle though.

It says that they need to be eaten while they are warm and fresh!

So the ingredients:

8oz/225gms Self raising flour and 1/2 a teaspoon of baking powder.

4oz/125gms of butter, don't even think about using margarine its evil, and they won't taste the same.

3oz75gms sugar

3oz/75gms of currants, (I used sultanas though because they are softer)

1 large egg and a little milk

A good pinch of mixed spice or just nutmeg.


Rub the butter into the spiced flour and the sugar and raisins, bind with beaten egg and a little milk if needed to make a stiffish paste - similar to shortcrust but a little softer.

Roll out on a floured board to about 1/4 inch thick and cut into 2 1/2 inch rounds and bake on a greased moderately hot bake-stone (don't make it too hot or they burn), 3 - 5 minutes each site until mottled with golden brown, sprinkle with sugar.

Eat your heart out, they are sooooo good, I like them still a little bit soft inside, they are just melt in the mouth and they went down a storm here.


Yum Yum.

Right so next up, you may have noticed there hasn't been an update for a few weeks, mainly because I had wholesale orders which I had to get done, and I can sometimes do both at the same time, but I would rather concentrate on one thing at a time, rather than get stressed, and not only that it means you get wonderful treats when the update does arrive, lol. So I will post some little tasters of this weeks update, its going to be a good one, I have a few limited edition laces weights, and silk is firmly back is stock, so there will be lots of things like that, and fibres and......some super duper carded batts, I am so excited about these, but anyway, I had to show you this, I think its the most wonderful lace mohair I have ever dyed......


Its he September colourway, I feel like I want to make a little sloppy V neck with it or something.


I also know that I don't normally have a chance to put half of my products in the shop, but this week I managed to do some extra treats, these are mixed yarns shawl kits, I want to keep one for myself. 


  1. Thanks for that, there will be teenage boys down south worshipping you forever if I get them right (I've just read that back and it sounds a bit strange, but you know what I mean ;)
    I agree, the mohair looks wonderful. Temptation is really starting to get the better of me, I was nearly Chuff Chuffing last night despite having too many wip's on the go. I really am having palpitations!

  2. YUM! I will have to try making those. Those shawl kit colors are beautiful by the way!

  3. YUM! I will have to try making those. Those shawl kit colors are beautiful by the way!

  4. Hiya Jeni
    Thaks for the recipe....I adore Welsh cakes and used to buy them at that bakery stall in Cardiff market(when I lived there)....dont know if its still there?
    Looking forward to the update.
    Cya at woolfest
    Love n hugs
    Mel x

  5. Thanks for the recipe! I made a gluten & egg free version which was very popular with the children tonight.

  6. Having looked through your blog I now have a bad case of Fibre Envy!!!