Monday, 17 March 2008

Calm decends fyberspates messy HQ

What a weekend! I love Buddhist courses, because what you expect from them is never what you get! The meeting in Milan was amazing, there were 5000 youth, (well mostly under 40, lol) gathered for the meeting, to listen to lectures on cultivating peace throughout the world, respecting human life and always rejecting anything in which any human being is not treated with the upmost respect. Oh and anyone knew that Roberto Bagio was a Buddhist?, I certainly didn't, chloe who was sat next to me kept saying, OMG its roberto bagio can you see him on the stage? I kind of said no, I sort of knew who he was, but you know, I'm not a football expert or anything and I wouldn't know what he looked like from the next guy, but anyway, he gave a really good speech about world peace, after the whole stadium had chanted 'Euventos' for about 3 mintues of course, we were in milan afterall and 3000 of the youth were Italian, lol!

Anyway, the whole thing was absolutely inspiring, and really reinforced my desire to make sure everything I do, especially my business is in-line with those ideas. But the main thing for me that was my benefit, was really moving me out of my comfort zone, mainly because for some reason I was put on a different flight to everyone from Cardiff, and put in a different hotel, I had to really challenge my feeling scared to talk to people I don't know, but suffice to say I gritted my teeth and went for it, and as a result, I made alot of new friend's with some wonderful people, and had the most wonderful dialogues. It was really very good for me :-)

I met up with Carmen, this is an old pic of her, but I love it so much....


I also met up with 'Cheeky monkey' (Marco) who is obsessed with English culture, and always teaches me to cook amazing Italian food, I will share his bolognaise recipes soon, I promise.

It was fab for it to be such an important event on my Birthday, I really wanted to hit 30 with something very special, and I decided it was kind of a platform for my new life, it was really quite spooky the people I met, it was like meeting so many different versions of me over the past 10 years, it really culminated in me realising how many changes I have made, and how excited I am about the future. I needed to embrace getting older, and not look back with longing.

I got home and there is a tonne of wool around here, its a bloody tip lol, its off to lots of destinations today all over the world, but I am feeling very psychologically refreshed, so I had better get packing........



  1. Glad you had such a good birthday, and many happy returns!

  2. HAPPPYYY BIRTHDAY! I hope your done detoxing so you can have some cake ;) your trip sounds amazing :)

  3. Happy Birthday! 30 isn't so bad now is it? Sounds like your weekend was amazing, looking forward to catching up with everything at Wonderwool. x