Friday, 28 March 2008

Oh my goodness, its so Early, its wrong!!!

I woke up at 5.50am, because I was dreaming anxiously about labeling yarn before I go to Peru. I have so many things to finish before I go, that its making me twitchy, so I thought I would get up, make some tea and go through all my flagged emails and get all the little things sorted this morning before I go to Bath for the conclusion of our knitting research meeting. The results have been analysed and now we are meeting to see if there is evidence to apply for lots of money to research it properly, so I suppose really its quite a big day today, especially seeing as I don't know what the results were, gulp.

So just to give you a taster, I have to get in the post on Monday 3 orders that are huge to the UK, Scotland and Canada, gulp, but this is a small proportion of a scrummy order for K1 yarns in Scotland, I am desperate to go and see the new shop.......


Update is still going in the shop, all the pastels are up, its the nice chocolaty colours next, the the scrumptious dk solids which you can see above and to be honest to dye for. Order from the shop have to be purchased by wed morning, or they won't get sent till I get back...... have a lovely weekend, back tomorrow with knitting results and ethics things, and hopefully a full shop, lol.


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  1. The new Edinburgh K1 shop is lovely, even nicer than the Glasgow one, I think.