Wednesday, 19 March 2008

I just had a brilliant idea - recipes - tomatoes on toast!!

Seeing as I love cooking and you all seem like my random authentic collected recipes from across the globe, I'm gonna do a recipe of the week!! Yippee!! It kind of gives me something to write about when I need some inspiration.

I'll start with a nice easy one which is yummy and makes the best breakfast in the world, its Spanish tomatoes on toast, Carmella, Carmencita and Sole all tell me that its something they normally eat on Sundays, because its good for a hangover.

So to make Spanish toast you need...

Tasty tomatoes, nice bread for toasting, brown works well for this, good tasty olive oil, garlic and salt, they are all important.

OK to start lets talk about the garlic, you can either use raw garlic, or make garlic olive oil which gives a softer taste of garlic, just chop up a couple of garlic cloves and chuck them in a bottle of olive oil, leave at least a day, and you have ready made garlic olive oil, I normally use it in everything, because I love garlic and olive oil, lol.

Tomatoes, again this is your preference, Sole always makes it with sliced tomatoes, and Carmella does it with grated toms, yep, grated. Just grate them and you get a kind of bubbly tomato pulp, which I prefer. Tracy, you'll need loads, trust me!! But normally you'll need about 1 big tom per piece of toast.

Right, toast your bread till golden brown. Then drizzle it with plenty of olive oil, if you are using raw garlic cut the garlic clove in half and rub it across the surface of the toast (make sure your other half has a slice too, lol) a few rubs will make a delicate taste, an entire half will be pungent. Top with sliced or pulpy tomatoes, and then take a pinch of salt (this is very important to the taste) and sprinkle it over the top lightly. Its super on its own, but I often add a slice of manchego cheese on the top if I have some, yummmmmmmmy. Eat with a nice cup of strong coffee for breakfast, although it makes an excellent tapas with a nice glass of red wine. I'll take a photo of it when I make some later :-)


  1. I like the sound of having it as tapas, garlic and me at breakfast is not a good mix, but later with a glass of wine....oh to be in Spain right this minute, especially on Saturday as it'll be 24 degrees then. Yes I'm sad like that, I check the weather over there as well as here.
    Thanks for sharing. I don't think I've ever tried manchego cheese before, I know it's sheep. I'll have to look out for that one.
    Not long 'til Peru now!

  2. Aha - I have to comment here ... I'm going to Spain tomorrow for a whole week :-)
    From snowy cold Denmark. Did you say 24 c. Great!
    Got to try this tomato-toast it sounds delicious - even for breakfast.