Friday, 14 March 2008


So I'm guessing the rain is pouring down where you are same as here, pouring its little heart out, which means that this weeks update is kind of odd one. What was meant to be the update is actually out in the midst of the British weather, soaking wet and fluffing up in the lovely cold fresh wind.

So seeing as I have been working on the new webshop this week, and trying new phototechniques, and ways of displaying yarn, and working out what the new fyberspates is going to look like, I decided to gather stock of lots of yarns that are in stock just kind of not in the shop for some reason or another, and some of them, well they are in stock, they just look a little different!!!

So I started with the sock page this week, thats the main update, and I think next week I will probably change each page as I make the yarns and photo's look just a little bit yummier. The site will be a totally different one when it comes, but I think getting into good practices is a good plan to ease us in.

So here are a few tasters...


Low Tide in superwash merino


Mallard, which looks just a tiny bit different, lol!


purple and blues....

and lllllllllllllimes....


and there are loads more pretty yarns. Go take a look here

Right, I'm off to Gatwick now for my trip to Milano, and boy am I excited. I hope you all have a lovely weekend.....


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  1. Wonderful colours.
    Mallard is gorgeous... keep 'em coming!