Thursday, 13 March 2008

Its amazing how fibre and knitting can make you happy.

Oohhh, I am feeling quite a bit better today, I am still a bit under the weather, but I am feeling very excited and thats the main thing. Carmella was so sweet last night, she bought me Prawn sandwiches from Marks and spencers, because she knows they are my favourite, and then made me soup with oven chips, lol, it was so sweet, and maybe it was because they were made with love, they didn't make me feel nausious.

I also fished out a few books to have a read through yesterday afternoon, because they just seem to make me well, inspired! So my favourite, is the twisted sisters sock work book, I love this because it talks about socks and dyeing and spinning your own sock yarn, and there are just tonnes and tonnes of pictures, which I just love! It never fails to give me that flutter in my chest of the potential that yarn and fibre hold.

And my brain is thinking thoughts of beans on toast and big mugs of tea, think thats a good sign huh?

So yesterday afternoon after getting the big dye pot on for some wholesale, I thought I would indulge myself in painting some rovings, but these are not just any rovings, these are seriously luxurious, I have some baby alpaca silk blends, but the one I am so inlove with is the 60% baby alpaca, 30% silk, 10% cashmere rovings, it like heaven, its soft, and smooth and takes the dye really really well. They are not dry enough to photograph yet, but I will and I have decided to call this blend 'nef' because its just totally heavenly, and is the welsh word for heaven. I will put all the blends on in white that I have in the shop, incase you would like to dye your own tomorrow.

So there will be some 'nef' in the update tomorrow, along with the new scrumptious solids, and some hand dyed scrumptious which has been a while in the making!

I am also looking forward to the weekend because I am going to Milan on a buddhist course, I cannot wait, it means I will be spending my 30th birthday doing something really memorable, with a few very special freinds, I will be seeing marco, my lovely italian freind, and Carmen from Madrid, and am going with 5 other very very special freinds from cardiff. I couldn't wish for more. :-)


  1. Have a great time in Milan, I,d like to hear all about it when you get back!

  2. wow what a way to spend your birthday have a wonderful time!!!

  3. Happy, happy birthday! And have a wonderful time in Milan. Hope you are feeling properly better now.

  4. Since you love food so much here is a little poem I learned when I was at school (Yorkshire version)
    Happy birthday to you
    Squashed tomatoes and stew
    Bread and butter in the gutter
    happy Birthday to you
    Ahem! I hope you have a very Happy birthday doing lots of things You want to do with your lovely friends. Please don't stuff yer gut with too much pasta, eh? I hope you get the little surprise from me soon.