Thursday, 20 March 2008

I'm trying not to swear.

So every time I get the sock club out to post, I obviously have to print pages and patterns and things, and well, you know what? my printer behaves all Month, and the on the sock club packing day it self destructs, it always runs out of ink for 1, but I am prepared for that Little trick now, but as usual its had a paper jam, and now its kind of screaming, no really, my printer actually screams. I used to have a super little HP one which cost £30, it never ever broke down, now I have the nice flashy one, it breaks down all the time. I hate it, I will never ever buy a brother printer ever again, oh, and not to mention the cartridges cost £45, and I have to replace them at least once a month.

So lets see if I can find a hammer shall we?

PS, delicious easter update tomorrow! ;-)


  1. try ebay for ink, my ink should cost me about £20-30 and I got my last lot for under £5!

  2. Is something wrong with the Fyberspates domain? I've been trying to reach your online store for about a week now, and I only get an error message.

  3. If you want to get good value for money cartridges try Cartridge World. I have a business account with them, they deliver my cartridges every two months and i never get paper jams. All they ask is that you recycle the cartridges by giving them back to the driver that way you help the environment. so you might like to give them a try. My printer is a HP 2410 photosmart all-in-one
    printer fax scanner copier, I got it for £200 from Chris' friend cos chris got me a discount.