Wednesday, 12 March 2008

I'm sick

....but not stay in bed sick, I've abandoned the detox seeing as I don't feel like eating anyway, and my head and shoulders are killing me, and I have to do to the doctors, but I can't really tell you why, not if you are eating your breakfast anyway. Anyway I have tonnes of work to do, but I feel just like sleeping, but first time ever I just realised I can't be sick if I'm self employed. If I don't work, I don't get paid, then I can't pay my mortgage, and I will piss my customers off who are waiting for wholesale orders. So I need to develop a plan of action for the future if I get sick. I'm not miserable though, little bit stressed, but not miserable.

Right off to go to a meeting and then back for some dyeing, packing, labeling and knitting to finish off for mag.......


  1. Oh dear, well take it easier then if you don't think you should stop. It's at times like this you need to call in the cavalry, otherwise known as Mum. Give it time and you'll have to think about employing someone anyway....success is something you'll have to get used to ;) Keep sipping that soup even if you don't feel like it and sloosh those bugs away with plenty of water, drown the little blighters!

  2. Hey! Take it easy. Look after yourself otherwise working while unwell will backfire.

  3. take care of yourself honey!!! Have you got any friends you can ask to give you a bit of a hand even if its just with th labels and those kind of bits, its amazing how that will help.
    Theres SO many bugs going round, I have lost my voice...the boys are currently celebrating and keep asking me stuff and thenn saysing oh you cant answer :P *hmmpphh*
    So look after you and get well soon xx