Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Fibres and solid scrumptious etc.

So today I have a huge package arriving, I am sat here with my coffee, very very excited, arriving is the solid scrumptious dk, I have been waiting for it for quite a long time, and along with it is a tonne of white scrumptious, which ran out ages ago, and therefore it has been quiet on the scrumptious dk front, but it has arrived just in time for spring, which is perfect timing. I want to make my frilly tank top in the cherry red, it will go with my hair perfectly, and it would be super to wear for wonderwool!! Yippee, I'll pop photo's of the yarn here tomorrow probably. Funny thing is I rarely have time to knit my designs twice, so I have a super knitter who tests knits everything for me, so I think the frilly tank needs testing in cherry don't you?

So remember I said I was cooking dinner for my guitar teacher in the tagine? I think I shall take some photo's so you can see, seeing as you lot seem to like cooking!! To be honest if I if I could write better and I didn't love wool so much I would probably be a restaurant critic or something , because ask anyone in my life I am totally obsessed with food, everyone in my life knows that the most important beginning, middle and end to my day is a good breakfast, tasty lunch and delicious tea/dinner, I never eat anything that is mediocre, but in the same vein, the simplest food can be the best, its just about quality and timing.

Ohohohohoh, I know what else I was going to share with you, is the recipe for Spanish crocketa's, I'll make some next week and write it down for you, they are not exactly good for your health, but for your soul with a glass of wine, my god you will be in heaven. lol, Tracy, I know your boy's would love these!!

OK so shall we have some nice eye candy for Fridays update?

I have some limited edition lace, its blue-faced Leicester, and its 1200m per skein, but unlike the cobwebs its 2 ply, but exactly the same otherwise, and actually very soft and dyes gorgeously.


There well be quite  different colours in this seeing as I love the stuff.

Also I have dyed some cashmere roving's, the new roving blends won't be here in time for dyeing and drying by Friday, so I decided to do some special ones instead, and of course along with the batts, yum, yum yum,


Also some more mohair lace, I am just addicted at the moment to it, especially seeing as I have finally worked out a brilliant method to get a superb strong colour for it, and probably because I had 15 kilo's of it to dye for wholesale this week, also might have made me explore it a little bit more than usual. lol, along with it is lots of deep coloured chuff chuff, I am dyeing lot's because there are patterns for it coming out soon for just 1 hank.


This is the same yarn above in its dyed form and them rewound, I am not sure what I prefer.....any thoughts

Right, I'm off to go and do some nice little errands, and then back to pop the tagine in the oven to slow cook and do some more gorgeous dyeing for the update.

I hope you are enjoying the gorgeous weather folks. :-)


  1. They sound interesting whatever they might be and in the case of boys, good for your health doesn't come into it. They seem to burn it all off, just wish I did ;)
    Welsh cakes will be made later on when the boys return from school/college. Last night was chocolate birthday cake. I'm drooling again!

  2. Did the package arrive??