Monday, 10 March 2008


Wow, what an amazing weekend I had!!! So many treats, including going to see Joseph with mum, that was so much fun, then on Sunday we were cooking from 8am for afternoon tea for a pre-birthday party, where a few of my old friends came to see me. It was just super, we had scones and cream and jam, venesse whirls, fairy cakes, salmon and cucumber sandwiches, proferoles, merangues and cream, (I made them all with the instruction of mum of course), it was just like being 7 again, we laughed so much, and listened to the CD soundtrack of Joseph over and over and over again, I feel a little bit sorry for my dad because he will be listening to that for about 3 months.

Anyway, my belly is suffering somewhat, I have eaten lots of rich food in the past few weeks and drank too many gin and tonics, and I think I need to detox, so from tomorrow I am going to go on a detox diet, not today you understand, because I have to finish the cakes off!! I am going to hit 30 looking, well....... detoxed probably! I have to pop to Evil tonight and get some vege's and fruit to prepare for a few days of soups, soups and more soups, no bread :-(, no cakes :-( no coffee, no tea, grrrrrrr, but I need it, my stomach feels sore all the time, and I am not feeling hungry, so I need to give it some serious vitamins and an easy time, lol. I will now become totally obsessed by what I can't eat, so don't be surprised if my posts are food orientated, AHEM, not much change there then huh?



  1. Sounds wonderful! I made the Welsh cakes, 13 of them which lasted a total of just under 30 minutes...gannets I tell you!!
    I am now constantly being asked when I'm making more.....

  2. I take my hat off to you being able to do the detox thing, I have tried before and ALWAYS failed, maybe I am not choosing a good way to do it, what do you do when you do this?