Sunday, 23 March 2008

God I love yarn tree huggers - especially the natural dye Studio.

Probably my bestest freind in the whole yarn hand dyeing world is Amanda from the Natural dye studio. I love her because she says things how they are, and stands up for what she believes in, and her yarns and kits are superb, and she is REALLY ENVRONMENTALLY FREINDLY. When we do shows we always eat great food and get drunk together and always put the world to rights.

Go and read the last two of these posts, and you will know why I love her so much.


  1. Hi Jen
    Thanks for being such a sweetie - :-)
    Think it is our responsability as indies to do what we can.
    And if you have read Jens blog and then gone to my blog and read my entries then you will probably have guessed she is one of the other dyers who really cares and sells only ethical yarn.
    love amanda

  2. I spent (as usual) a super few hours on Saturday with Amanda having a little 'post school inspection retail therapy' and I agree entirely with the stand you are both taking... it's really important to know where our yarn is coming from and the conditions in which it has been produced before it gets to you... If we're going to make a big fuss about reducing, reusing and recycling, food miles and everything else, then as knitters, this is the other logical part of the jigsaw... good on you both!