Friday, 28 March 2008

Shop update and weekend ethics reading.

So my cherubs, I will slowly update the shop from this afternoon, you know what I am like I never do things quickly, lol!

I have a new yarn to replace the Bluefaced Leicester cobweb, its the same yardage but its super super super soft merino, not from Australia, lol, it is very gorgeous and I am going to call it 'fairy wool', I translated into welsh, its unspellable, and Hannah would have to keep sending me emails about my spelling, because I guarantee I would get it wrong, so we'll keep the English for now, lol!

There is all sorts, oh and I will put some of the blends of fibres up on the white yarns and fibres page so that if you fancy dyeing your own of my yummy blends you can, and probably some more of the white yarns too.

Now onto weekend ethics reading, I got the wool record today, and I am fighting to save it for later with a cuppa and a piece of cake, I will read it and summarise and pop some of the articles on the blog on Sunday for you to read, but here's a few headlines of whats going on in the wool world at the moment:

Investors quit China over rising costs.

Mulesing - Some retailers lift ban

Swedish retailers consider Boycott of Australian wool

Pollution victims in china seek civil compensation.

That might sound boring, but they are very very interesting articles, anyway I will summarise them for Sunday reading for you, or if they are good, i will just cut and paste some of them. I may add in some back ground to give you some context too.

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