Thursday, 27 March 2008

Self striping yarn in the Update and a little bit more on ethics.

Lets start with fun stuff. OK, so guess what I made yesterday ready for the shop update?

Some very very yummy self striping yarns, oh yes, they were labour intensive as hell, but alot of fun. They are in big 500gm hanks, pretty much enough to make a jumper, and they are gorgeous. I will post some photo's later in the afternoon once they are dry and ready to go, I am very excited about these, they are just scrummy, I have wanted to make some for donkey's years. There is also lots of lovely lace and scrumptious coming tomorrow.

Right Ethics, there is a  hidden storm brewing about this, which is kind of exciting, but in no way made to make people feel uncomfortable, its about walking forward together and helping eachother make great business decisions.

I am not of the opinion that anyone has the right to say whats right and wrong about yarn, there are just sometimes better ways of doing things.

What I would like to start with Amanda is to make a central resourse on the net, with all the links to fibre sourcing, and processing so that people can have a think about things, nothing more than that at the moment, I am not in the habit of pissing people off, after all we are making the place a happier world supplying people with yarn, and happy people are nicer to eachother.


  1. I think a central resource sounds like a great idea, it seems to be really hard for the average yarn consumer to get information easily. I am really interested in what you are doing, both from an environmental and an ethical perspective. Good luck!

  2. It's really exciting and helpful to be able to make informed choices about yarn. I felt really stuck a while ago, only able to buy about two brands of wool that I felt were traceable.

  3. It does feel a bit 'edgy' doesn't it? Talking about things we would rather not know about on one level (all that lovely yarn so cheap. But it is a bit like us growing up as consumers and if anyone can do it without being confrontational I am sure you and Amanda can. Bonne Courage.