Wednesday, 26 March 2008

MASSIVE Shop Update and Ethical discussions.

I had better start with the ethical thing. I'm glad people are starting to take notice of ethical things with yarn, on the new shop layout seeing as I can have unlimited pages, I will put detailed info of each of my yarns, and I mean properly detailed, not a vague hint, and Amanda and I are going to come up with a kind of ethical rating score that people can put on labels to make it easier to think about, but that will take lots of work and planning, and possibly an entire website, I am very proud to be involved in a thinking shift. Thats why I get up everyday and chant.

Secondly, seeing as most of April will be spent gathering information in Peru about where our yarns are made and sourced (when I say ours, I mean mine and Amanda's, we share alot of the same yarns) I will not be able to operate the shop to the fullest capacity, so therefore, this Friday's update is going to be the largest I have ever done, its got to cover the month of April so its going to be super duper, if there is any particular yarns/fibres you would like to see, or colours, please leave a comment or email me. Orders will be shipped up until Wednesday, and probably not after that until April the 20th. I will start uploading Friday's update from the morning.


  1. I urgently need some bfl sock in Lagoon, if you could fit that it. Thanks!

  2. I urgently need some bfl sock in Lagoon, if you could fit that in. Thanks!

  3. Sorry about that: please ignore the one with the typo, sigh.

  4. Oh wow, youa re going to Peru! That is wonderful. I have just been in bed sick ofr a week and was listening to an audio CD of Paddington bear. I laughed so much as he is hilarious and comes from Peru.
    Oh my sock yarn is soooooooo gorgeous and I am feeling so inspired to knit socks. I've got some on the go for someone else at the moment and then I will be knitting my mallard socks for me, I think, unless I feel all angelic and make them for Chris.
    Have a fabulous time, I can't wait to hear all about the trip and the yarn and see the pics and maybe I will start keeping more up to date with you as well.

  5. Thanks so much for taking up the hard work involved in highlighting all the ethical stuff. Speaking as someone who wants to do the right thing but would rather not do the research I am indebted to you and Amanda.
    I look forward to talking about things at Wonderwool and hearing about Peru!

  6. I would like some BFL/silk (Scrumptious)in a new colour called Honeysuckle p[lease. My honeysuckle is due to flower in June so I will send you a piccy of one of the flowers.
    there is no rush. I got the daffodil sock yar from the Sock Club its is YUUUUUMMMMMMY I love it, it definately says Spring you're right. I love your Autumn sock yarn too can I have some more please when you've time. Enjoy Peru.